This is what the British serfs spend their 50% tax rate on?

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  1. By Amy Willis, Los Angeles8:29AM BST 22 Aug 2012

    In one image, the 27-year-old Prince is seen as he stands in front of a woman, wearing only a gold ring tied around his neck.

    In another he appears to be shown “bear-hugging” a woman next to a pool table.

    The release of the photographs, if genuine, risks embarrassing Buckingham Palace and raises questions about the Prince's security arrangements.

    The two pictures were taken in Prince Harry’s VIP room at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas last weekend, a world-class five-star hotel and casino on the main Vegas strip.

    A three-bedroom duplex suite at the hotel costs around £5,000 a night at weekends and has its own butler service, games room with pool table and private driveway.

    Dai Davies, former head of royal protection at the Metropolitan Police, said the photographs demonstrated the difficulty of protecting a young member of the Royal Family but added that it raised questions over the cost of high level security to the taxpayer.

    "We're paying huge amounts of money for this young man to be followed everywhere he goes by security," Mr Davies said.
    "British security costs in excess of £120 million a year but on the other hand, [royals] have to have a life."

    The photographs are believed to have been taken after the third in line to the throne and his entourage met a group of women at a party at the MGM Grand Hotel on Friday night. The girls were then invited back to the Prince’s duplex, according to reports, where a game of 'strip billiards' took place.

    Are the British serfs or citizens?

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    Nothing more than most of us have done in our youth. Except he should have kicked everyone else out of the suite before hand.
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    Got any more revealing photos of the female?
  4. i hope the hotel charged the room for some new felt. :eek:
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