This is what happens when the government doesnt let you spank your children.

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    spanking... not so sure about that, I knew a kid when I was a kid, his mom was crazy, he went home from school once and she was waiting for him with a baseball bat, she would have killed him sometimes... he stole cars and went on joyrides, probably to stay alive more than anything... he always took off for faraway places...

    He had some great stories to tell though. Once his ride was a huge brand new Pontiac with the V8 with three two barrels... so he did something to piss off a carload of Mexican Gangsta's in a lowered car, they tried to run him off the road and he just drove the Pontiac into the side of their super tricked out lowrider and stepped on the gas.. he said he tore off half the metal on their car and they couldn't catch him... they don't expect somebody to not care about their brand new car I guess....
  2. Perhaps this way the kid got himself placed in foster home instead of having to live with a crazy abusive parent.
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    Tsing Tao

    give it a rest. i and everyone i know was spanked, sometimes - depending on what we did - we got the belt. we're all perfectly normal, law abiding citizens.

    i spank my little boy when he does something bad. i dont bruise or draw blood or use foreign objects, so give it a rest. i give him a sting on the lower thigh and he goes in the corner.
  4. Imo, if you have to spank your kid, you lost the battle.

    C'mon, an intelligent adult cannot outwit a child?

    Then of course, since you go down the one spank route, has to be a two spank consequence someday, cause the kid is only going to outsmart you in a matter of weeks, again.
  5. I'm not so sure spanking is the answer, unless you're giving it to some young hottie, but I digress.
    I remember in school, way back when, we used to have contests to see who could get the most swats in a week. The couple of times my father gave me the belt, all I did was fake a few tears and it was over. Mom had a much better approach. Send to to my room with nothing but a book, and then test me on what I read. Fail the test, can't go outside and play.
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    Tsing Tao

    no, that isn't how it is after all.

    i have an incredibly independent, strong willed child. it is now to the point where only the threat of the smack on the thigh makes him do what I ask (or stop doing what I tell him to). it's not about outwitting. you look at spanking as a form of punishment. i look at it as a form of encouragement to do the right thing.

    i'm assuming you've had children (because if you haven't, then you have no right to partake in this conversation). when they are in the 2-4 range, they delight in being mischievous and doing bad things just for attention. they want to see how far they can go. my little one will do things that are sometimes dangerous (like putting his hand near the stove when it is lit). we keep him out of the kitchen most of the time when my wife is cooking, but he knows something is there he's not supposed to have.

    rather than learn his lesson with a burnt hand, i prefer he learns it with a sting to the thigh. and i do not hit him when i am angry. ever.

    at the end of the day, we can debate the philosophy (and I welcome it) but no one has a right to tell me how to parent my child. no one.

    the examples in the first few posts are examples of BEATING, not spanking. there is a significant difference.
  7. Never heard the Biblical, "spare the rod and spoil lthe child"?

    Or, Grandpa's' Wisdom... "beat your kids twice a day... if you don't know why, they will".
  8. we used to think that beating dogs was the best way to train them. educated adults now know that beating dogs does not accomplish anything but put fear in them. if we shouldnt beat dogs to train them why do we beat our children?
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    Tsing Tao

    once again, captain clueless - it's not beating. the "beating" when referring to "beating dogs" was literal beating the crap out of them. you don't do that with a human, much less a child.

    go back to mamby pamby land with the rest of your tree hugging hippy libtards.

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