This is what happens when rednecks gets permission to shoot to kill.

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  1. HOUSTON (AP) - A 7-year-old boy has died after authorities say he was shot by a married couple who thought he and others who were off-roading were trespassing on their property.

    Liberty County Sheriff's Cpl. Hugh Bishop said Donald Coffey Jr. died Saturday morning, less than two days after he was struck in the head with a shotgun blast.

    The boy, his father, his 5-year-old sister and a family friend were off-roading outside of Houston late Thursday when they were shot after stopping their vehicles so the children could go to the bathroom.

    Donald Coffey Sr. had a pellet wound in his right shoulder.

    Coffey's daughter, Destiny, was hit in the elbow but was in good condition.

    A hospital spokeswoman said 30-year-old Patrick Cammack, the family friend, was upgraded from critical condition after being shot in the head.
  2. Ever hear of shooting accidents? By the way did you hear about the black college student that defended his residence when a party was broken into by armed gunman? the national media did not report it to my knowledge.

    Also, what about the women who was raped, the rapist came back and she blew his dead ass out the front door with a shotgun. i believe she was black also.
  3. My understanding is that they usually involve firearms.
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    Misleading thread title - shooting people for off-roading is murder, hence no redneck has permission to "shoot to kill" in this scenario.
  8. Here is the lovely couple who shot the 7 year old for taking a leak near their house:

  9. By the looks of those two degenerates, I would do a thourough inspection for meth labs! Talk about winning the Oscar for starring roles in Deliverance!! That is what happens when relatives get married and have kids.
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    they must be related to the palin's.
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