This Is What America Gets From The Fed

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  1. Debt, Taxes, Inflation.
  2. Personal Income Tax is the tax I'm referring to.
  3. Investors are self employed and business owner; as long as the capital gain taxes reduced or eliminated; they will support any governments to spend and racking up more debts.

  4. Couldn't agree more. The Fed is more interested in saving the Wall Street banks than saving the average American. The average investor views the Fed's action as a great thing because it is keeping the stock market propped up. What they are missing is that an elevated market and low rates comes with a price, in the form of inflation. As long as the market is rising Americans are usually happy because it gives them a false sense of wealth. They don't realize what the cost of this wealth is.
  5. The Gummint INTENDS to "consume as much of the country's wealth as possible"... and that will be nearly ALL of it.

    They will do it directly through taxes, fees, registrations, etc.

    They will do it indirectly through deficit spending, inflation, and currency debasement.

    In former Soviet Russia before the collapse, there were a few citizens with lots of wealth, a relatively small class with modest lifestyles (higher-up Communist Party members), and 80% of citizens queuing up for toilet paper and potatoes.

    The US Gummint is working the same scheme on us, and of course the Fed is one if its tools.
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