This is was bottom

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  1. Logic is not needed! I am 1000% confident..
  2. Logic is not needed? Hahahahaha

    Why even start this thread?
  3. Just because there is no reason why
  4. Because it makes you look like stocktrader and it doesnt get any worse than that :D
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    HAHAH the bottom.....

    Not even close, the bottom is going to occur under 7000. I would say 6500-7000.
  6. Sold.
  7. the dow gains 100 points in the last minute including an extra 100 virtual points just after the close so we closed up 2.8%, not 1.8%.
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    Putting you on ignore.

    Optimism is one thing. Absurdity is another. Bye.
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    Funny how we get the last 10 minute rally and everyone gets all happy, I feel sorry for these people, even if we rally 1000 points higher tomorrow I will laugh at anyone thinking the bottom was 7800-8000. I dont care how many times we bounce off that number, because when we break through it, it is going to be an insane drop. The longer we bounce off this area the harder the drop will be when we finally do break through it, I dont know why so many dont understand this. These rallies are worthless for anyone who thinks the new bull market is back, there will not be a new bull market for at least 5-7 years so sit back and relax trade this range bound market between 6500 and 10k and be happy. Probably no new highs on the DOW for at least 7 years and the nasdaq probably 10-15 years. No need to rush in a buy, you will have plenty of time.
  10. Interesting how JPM got near 30 and all of a sudden we go green.
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