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    I swear to god, this guy has got to be the biggest bufoon there is. I can't believe people voted for this guy.


    In what political watchers are calling possibly the biggest gaffe in years, former Vice President Al Gore is set to give a speech tomorrow on the perils of global warming -- on what is expected to be the coldest day in New England in nearly half a century!


    Against the advice of senior advisers, Gore is planning to appear at the historic Beacon Theatre in Manhattan on Thursday to issue an indictment of the Bush administration's "inaction on global warming."

    Gore will make the warming case on a day forecasters are predicting the coldest temps in Boston since 1957, with wind chills in parts of New England plunging to 100 degrees below zero!


    Even though forecasters predict Thursday night will bring the coldest temperature reading in New York City in more than 10 years [1 degree above zero], sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT that Gore is determined to deliver the speech -- hoping to make the case how "Global warming" is actually the cause of the record cold snap!


    "The extreme conditions are actually the end result of the planet warming," Gore has told advisers, sources say, in explaining his motivations. "The Bush policies are leading to weather extremes."

    Sources would not say whether the speech is to be given outdoors.

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    Gore's a bore.
  3. Gore should have been a weatherman.
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    He burned more jet fuel than any VP in history. Can you imagine the Demo's wondering how they're in trouble when that idiot is the titular head of the Party.
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    Ah, but is he a Nazi? :D
  6. The Demo's have no worries with the man who won the popular vote in 2000.

  7. Global warming? What global warming?

    Just because the glaciers have melted in Glacier National Park, and just because there are bare spots in Antarctica that have never been known to be bare before, and just because the polar ice cap is shrinking....what global warming?

    So it's cold in Boston and New York. Must mean there is no global warming. Fine proof. One cold spell in the northeast certainly proves all the science wrong.

    And certainly who is Al Gore to have any knowledge about this issue? Trust the guys that are really concerned with the environment. Ask Dick Cheney, or James Watt (if he is still alive) know, the guys that really care!

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    The myth of Global warming is becoming further debunked by the day. Here's some links.
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    RS, I'm going to tell you something that just might break your heart. You might not sleep tonight after I tell you this. But I think it's time that you knew the truth. No politician in Washington, wether they are republican or democrat give a shit about you or the environment OK. Yes, that means even your almighty Al Gore. All these politicians are just there to serve a political end. This is one of the reasons why I'm a republican and not a democrat because I know at the end of the day, they are in it for them and not for me. And you know what, If I was there, I would do the same thing too.

    So don't start thinking that Al Gore really gives a flying f*ck about the environment. The fact of the matter is he has an allegiance to certain organizations, and in this case, certain environmental organizations. Gore is a sellout just like all the others. This is why every day I seek to give these bureaucrat less and less power and less and less of my money. But if you want to believe that Al gore is some crusader for the environment then go ahead and think that. But I know better. It's funny RS, I really thought you were more politically astute then this. I was wrong.
  10. No, I will sleep just fine tonight. If I don't it won't be because I am lying awake worrying about global warming.

    And yes, I understand that politicians are only concerned with their jobs. The power that comes with their jobs.

    Do I believe that some politicians care more about ecology than others? Yes. If they did not, we would be seeing oil derricks in Yellowstone park now. I made a reference to James Watt. How many here remember him and his policies?

    But Pabst posted his links to debunk global warming. OK, we each pick who we choose to believe.

    Me, I will believe a close friend who has been working at NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) in Boulder for over 25 years. He has NO political motivation to tell me what he does. What he tells me is based on hard science.

    How credible is this guy? He was sent to Russia (and other Soviet Bloc countries) all through the 1980s dozens of times to assist the Soviet (and Czech, and Polish, and Bulgarian, etc.)governments in planning crop rotations, etc. Even though under the Reagen administration we officially considered the Soviet Union as the "Evil Empire", we still had our back door cooperation. And this friend of mine was part of it. When his flights did not arrive in Moscow on time, he would have to sleep in the airport. That is how tight security was, and how little freedom of movement there was. Even for an invited guest of the government. But he willingly went because he believed he was helping to conserve the planet. And guess what? So did the Reagan administration. And apparently, so did the Andropov and Chernenko administrations.

    So when he tells me the planet is in deep shit because of global warming, I tend to take him at his word. Why would he bullshit me?

    So whether Gore really cares or not is not important. What is important is that poeple DO keep the issue in the public's consciousness. This way, in 50 years, or 100, or 1000, at least we will not be blamed for not even acknowledging the problem. And there is no doubt that we, as a society have created this problem (certainly not just Americans, but virtually all modern societies).

    Has environmental consciousness helped? Yes, it has. Our rivers are cleaner, our air is cleaner, etc. If we had gone on as we were into the '50's and early 60's, we would be all walking around with gas masks by now. Do you deny this? Do think unleaded gas and catalytic converters have helped? Do you think that the EPA has helped? Or is it all a waste of money? Is the ban on dumping raw sewage into our rivers and oceans a good thing, or a bad thing?

    The problem is real. I don't care how many links anyone posts to claim that this problem isn't real. This is right up there with Holocaust denial as far as credibility.

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