This is the weirdest thing.

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    I googled my username drasfs and found all these links about me on elitetrader(and i dont write here very often):

    These two are the same about me(they say that they should pm me, and they call me guina pig)o_O

    For instance, the last link.What is that about. What does all this mean? The forex scenery isn't for everyone, with all the bucketshops,brokers that screw you, and these cryptic texts about me on the net that has started to appear since I began hanging here on elitetrader.
  2. You have too much free time on your hands. Go outside or something. I wouldn't worry about it honestly...Looks like random crap to me.
  3. You think that's strange, check out this:
  4. drasfs


    Well, im just curious. Well found out this:

    in this link

    it says:

    PM the guina pig and the date time: 22-08-01, and says: hotspot fx, and scalping

    At that date, i only got a private message from a very famous user on the forex boards for his experience and good opinions and we were having a conversation about hotspot fx and scalping.

    I asked him if hotspot fx was good he gave his explanation, and partly,based upon his explanation ive decided to open an account with hotspot .

    Since he called me guina pig. He might know that hotspot fx bucketshops you.

    This seems to a place where he can keep track of different relationship with people on the net. Well, i might investigate the case about hotspot fx further now, if they are a reliable broker. I supected something like this.