This is the kind of volatility that marks tops

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  1. It may not be right at the top but these types of price swings are important, either we are at a short term top are building a small base to break higher, this is a reflection point.

    I just cant see more highs after this vertical run over the past year, but who knows.
  2. So you're saying we're either heading higher, or going lower, is that it?

    I appreciate the valuable tip. Thanks!
  3. Didn't you quit yesterday?
  4. Dont get your head wacked off.
  5. So your conclusion is that the market can either go lower or higher from here? Very astute.
  6. I'm about to flip the coin....

    Heads or tails?

    Forgot, you capitulated yesterday.

    This thing may be over. Oh well, just have to make money on the other side. You're a trader right?

    Good Luck!
  7. Is mymini related to bluestreek in any way? or is he bluestreek?
  8. Who would be stupid enough to buy into this hyped up market thats been rising for 4 years and went vertical in the last year.

    A stupid greedy amateur I guess.
  9. Volatility? What volatility...

    I hope we will get some real vola like we used to... They say it's mean reverting but I stopped buying into that.
  10. Who would be stupid enough to be on the wrong side of the market for four years? No wonder you can't make money.
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