This is the kind of thing that happens when a society accepts homosexuality

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    2 famous STRAIGHT male actors kissing in public...and what do people say about it? They cheer them on.

    See...these two guys see how much acceptance and praise homosexuals get for being homosexual. They wanted that praise, so even though they are both not homosexual, they both kissed just to get the praise. Now maybe some of you can understand that if two grown men do this type of crap, you can imagine how it affect children. How long before boys start kissing boys in school and on the playground? Obviously if the homosexual movement can make two fully grown rational thinking men do this stuff, Kids are also likely to try it.

    America...breeding ground for homosexuals. Sick.
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    That was hilarious.
  3. You forgot to mention murderers, pedophiles and drug addicts.

    And of course, FAT people.
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    poor peil, will you make it? Should I pray for you? will that make it better?
  5. I blame priests for all this homosexual stuff, them and their boy love nonsense.
  6. How long did it take you?
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    Dude, some people are gay, there many are instances of men who like teeing off on other men.

    It isnt surprising, it is reality, get over it. You really think that providing hundreds of posts against homosexuality is going to make a difference? You can continue to be the most virulent homophobe in history and you will not alter the course of history as it perrtains to homos in any meaningful way so why dont you just accept it?

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    This is a good zinger on Peil, but your question also has a lot of truth. Time and time again it seems that the people who protest homosexuality the most are more likely to be homosexual. Those who refuse to accept the fact that homosexuality exists all through nature, and it is not a choice that someone wakes up to one day. Those who cling to religious mythology and make believe "gods" (you know, zeus, rah, thor, jesus) and say the behavior is a sin. Those who persecute anyone who is different, be it sexually, ethnically, or religiously.

    TL;DR - I agree with you, he is probably gay.

    And for the record, that was a brilliant, hilarious thing that Bateman and Hoffman did...I still laugh when I look at the photos. It has nothing to do with homosexuality, and everything to do with being funny...Hoffman turns away from his wife and kisses Bateman instead when the kiss cam flashes them!!!
  9. Why do you think its funny? You think its funny because you know its weird and not normal. Then you go and pretend it is normal.

    And you people are seriously idiots when you say because I protest homosexuality, I only do so because I am one of them. By that logic, if I protest socialism and protest big government, that means I really want socialism and big government? If I protest a war, I'm secretly a warmonger? If I protest abortion, I'm really a baby killer?

    Maybe I should use that logic for you atheists out there. If you protest religion, you secretly want to be a priest!

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    It's funny because it is a joke, and has nothing to do with homosexuality. When you go to a major sporting even, at some point during the game they pan the crowd and it is customary for couples to kiss - thus the name, "kiss cam". It is funny because Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman are both noted for being comedic actors, and when the camera panned to them instead of kissing his wife, Dustin Hoffman kissed Jason Bateman. That is why normal people with a sense of humor are laughing.

    As far as my take on people who protest gays turning out to be gay themselves, you need to look no further than religious authorities and conservatives who prove that point. The past decade is littered with them - do a Google search if you don't remember.

    Sometimes when I read your posts I think to myself, you have to be sarcastic because no one is that close-minded, ignorant, and divisive. But, sadly, I think you are.
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