This is the kind of genius we are dealing with from the far left.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    These yahoos in a crowd yell about taxing corporations, then Romney calls Corporations "people" and explains that the money from corporations inevitably goes to people, and a crowd full of liberals starts frothing, and yelling at him.

    Im wondering exactly where these frothing liberals think Corporate profits go to, since apparently they dont go to people.

    This is one of the funniest displays of left wing ignorance i have ever seen.

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  2. Ricter


    You're right, the money goes to the people, which is why, since corporations are making record profits, the people are better off than they ever have been!
  3. pspr


    Liberals just hate to see their bubbles burst with the truth.
  4. If Corporations are people too, why do they get more entitlements and a lower tax rate than the rest of us people? They are obviously the "preferred" people of the Republican party. If they are people, they should be taxed at the same rate as the rest of us, and not given their corporate charity and entitlements.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Oh boy..... where do i even start with this......

    The people who get paid out by corporations all get taxed on it genius, whether someone is the owner of a corporation, or they are an employee of a corporation, they all get taxed on it, eventually that money has to hit someones pockets.

    It is actually double taxation when you tax corporations for anything, seeing as how someone has to be paid eventually, and those people will all have to pay income taxes. Apparently you also missed Romney's point.

    Thats a brilliant plan you have, we should raise corporate taxes to 35% and take away all write offs so that the people who start businesses and create jobs can pay 35% tax at the corporate level, and then another 35% when they collect the money from their profits as income. Im sure that will really incentivise people to start private companies and create jobs. You should join Obamas economic team.
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    Worse than taxes, using the corp is a "person" removes all responsibility for execs. I don't know about taxes, we want them here. All tax is bad imo. But the "person" ruling, creates a lack of responsibility.
  7. Actually, the common man gets "taxed" while these corporations are making their "record profits". It's called currency debasement. A remarkably large percentage of those record profits require constant dollar devaluation, which in turn translates into higher energy, food prices and a lower standard of living.

    So all of this nonsense about "tax this or that" never addresses the stealth taxation of a failing currency.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    This is a completely different topic, but i am also 100% against currency debasement, and the feds constant pursuit of inflation. Bernanke and Greenspan have imposed the biggest tax in history on the poor and middle class.

    Though Id be willing to bet that on top of taxing the shit out of corporations, Walter4 is also big supporter of Keynesian economics, and the destruction of the dollar, given the fact that he is a liberal.

  9. g222


    Quote from Max E. Pad:

    Oh boy, is right!!!!

    Yo Max, I don’t claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but … and I could be wrong … but … before your poor, mistreated, mal-functioned-against corporations arrive at that thing called ‘taxable income’, they first DECUCT such things as advertising, utilities, amortization, insurance, CAM fees, contributions, interest. FICA paid in for employees along with other taxes paid, fuel, rent … AND SALARIES AND WAGES PAID TO THE HELP. I’m afraid this ‘double taxation’ stuff is part of that smoke screen blown in your eyes that prevents you from seeing the con job these underprivileged corp types are selling you.


    Demand drives our markets – not corporate taxes. If there’s no demand for your widget, you’re closing up shop – even in a zero tax world. If there’s demand for your widget, and something like a 35% tax makes you hesitate about making them, then guess what – SOMEONE ELSE WILL step up to the plate and make them … and be happy with what’s left. DEMAND – from the consumer – is what convinces corporations to create jobs.
    And to ad insult to injury … when these corporate types do get their hands on a little extra jing, their idea of ‘Trickle-down Reganism’ is to spend the money on a Benz, Beemer or other IMPORTED LUXURY CAR – trickling the dough down to support some other country’s economy. Corporations have not now, nor have they ever been inspired to create jobs out of the goodness of their hearts because of favorable tax laws. Only when DEMAND exceeds ability to supply – pressures from the MARKETPLACE – are jobs created. ONLY!!
  10. Obama spent $2.2 million on two Canadian made busses to go on a 'jobs' tour.

    Can you explain?
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