THIS Is The Holy Grail.

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  1. Hello Everyone...

    BARON was gracious enough to *ahem* "reinstate" my account... well sorta...

    Here's his email:


    Since you're the god of ForEx, I reinstated your account because I don't want you to strike down ET with a lightning bolt.

    Stay on Chit Chat for now or you're dead.

    Me and Joe will monitor you.



    Oh well, the rest of the world will just have to do without my vast currency trading wisdom (bottomless).

    OK then, I have the Holy Grail.

    Was thinking about selling it for $10,000,000,000 but decided to trade it instead.

    Actually, I've had it for awhile, just never realized it as such.

    I guess I'm a bit in shock, as I have friends here who know me, etc., but we've never really gotten into specifics.

    I'd like a serious evaluation/posts made by ET members on their views of what the Holy Grail EXACTLY is.

    Much as probably been posted about this elusive trading system but... that aside, I'd like to hear what others really think in this thread.

    This is my experience...

    1. The Holy Grail can be traded 24/7/365 in ALL market environments - this is only possible in the currency market.

    2. It MUST have the same success in every market circumstance.

    3. Not based on emotions.

    4. Destroys average market and HF returns - in my case, it cranks out over 50%.

    5. Risk (or, drawdown) must NOT be enough to force trades closed EVER.

    Sulong, my good and long time friend here on ET replied to a simply (trick) question I asked him, giving me an excellent answer! It had to do with the real amount of movement (points) a pair such as EUR/USD moves per session.

    Surprisingly, many have thought that the answer is, perhaps, 200-pts, or whatever number of points overall the pair moved from low to high then high to low, something like that, usually still in the few hundred point range.

    6. The Holy Grail MUST be able to gain all the pips EUR/USD moves both high to low and back. However many points that is perceived by traders' understanding of flucuations.

    7. Lastly, the Holy Grail must win all the time and NEVER lose. Open and close trades. Whether that be 50-trades in a row or 50 million trades in a row.

    I look forward to reading replies to this thread.

    Blessings, children,

    The dRaWdOwN
  2. Are you the famous FXSCAPLER? aka COINZ and all those other aliases?

    If you are, Did you ever find anyone to loan you 1 million dollars at 7% interest LOL
  3. Hope you've seen the movie Pi - watch your back! :D
  4. 7% interest... PAID.

    On whatever amount of money.

    You think I'd GIVE away the money I earn??

    However, 7% is also a better return than the average HF gives.

    These days, though, I'd consider kicking around 50%/50% of the profits in a partnership type deal.

    So far, everybody's been too stupid to take me up on the offer.

    The bread would have to be p-r-e-t-t-y heavy (read more than a Brink's truck could carry).


    Baron, is it alright if I sign any name I want?

    I think I like... sKaLpZ the best.

    Coinz is a close runner up. ;-)
  5. I see not very many members have a lot to say about the Holy Grail.

    Or, maybe it's just because I have it.

    Either way, I would still like some input about the question I posed to a few of my buddies... How many actual points does EUR/USD move in a week?

    Points in move can also be points in "flucuations."

    Anyone care to take a stab at it?

  6. i think DrawDown is your best name
  7. skepticaltrader

    skepticaltrader Guest

    I was wondering what happened to you, Drawdown (AKA, SkalpZ, CoinZ, Exchanges, etc, etc.)

    I was going to start a thread asking if you got banned again. Looks like youve already answered my question.

    I don't understand why the moderators keep banning you. Don't they know that you provide entertainment as well as education of the Forex market?

    The moderators should do a poll to see how many people are logged onto their site while you're posting compared to when you've been banned. I'm sure they would notice that traffic picks up when you post.

    Alright enough butt kissing.

    Anyway welcome back!!!

  8. One of my friends.. ;-)


    Hm... nobody remembers TradeOff and Overload..???
  9. skepticaltrader

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    I think your next name should be "ForeXSqueeZer" like in a short squeeze.
  10. I was thinking along the lines of BaRonTheSqueeZer.

    Something familiar, yet quaint.

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