This is the future of the USA

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  1. Wow, scary and creepy video. But I can see that this is a preview of what the whole USA will be like in 30 years. What is the point of living in a mansion when the moment you step out of the gates the rest of the place ends up like this.
  2. Some parts are already looking like Detroit, with burned-out abandoned buildings in forsaken downtown areas, almost like ghost-towns of the old West.
  3. I'm not sure of the infrastructure but my guess the future of the USA is everyone will be a criminal of one sort or another.

    No cell phone while driving, wear your seat belt, no smoking within 50 ft of the entrance for cripesakes, I can break three laws in the first five minutes of driving to work.

    Lame ass laws in the workplace, pc speech, dating a subordinate etc. get yo ass fired and branded.
  4. it is amazing governments are doing so little to change things. i guess they want it like this so they can control people. i think once it gets like that it will never get back.

    it is like prayer of the rollerboys.
  5. KINGOFSHORTS - I can't thank you enough for the video!!! Life changing!!!! No joke!!!! I have put it up on another board...and boy, does it tell me to get the hell out to my "safe place"!!!!

  6. I have been in run-down places, but nothing like this one. It is a new perspective fore me.
  7. Cause and effect : manufacturing jobs by the 10's of millions allowed to be sent overseas = the video you just saw.
  8. After decades of the auto unions crying out "Protect American Jobs" what they were really doing, is killing their employment base.
  9. Wait till these thugs figure out the cops are over stretched and start entering the suburbs where homes have no walls with flimsy doors that kick in.

    Reaganomics and failed republican policies coming back to bite everyone in the ass.

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