This Is The Buy Of The Year

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  1. Same statement as November 1998 (the rate cut after the Oct surprise) and same market action. Friday's payroll number will be the impetus for new highs. See you guy's year end at 15,000.....
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    we already know its risk free to buy any index ETF and make money...

    the markets got what they wanted and now will rally to 14k by friday, simple as that. 15k is probably coming by end of December and 18k by mid 2008, should close out 2008 above 20k.

    :p :p :p :p
  3. 20K? in your dreams pal! We are going to go to 35K or higher, can't let the hong kong beat us. USA USA USA!

    This market just can't go down ever!
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    35k sounds about right, but buy the time we get to 35k Hang Seng will be at 100,000.
  5. I agree. Bull all the way now. Cant see any downside. Wall of worry has been climbed.
  6. Too bad the actual problems didn't go away too.
  7. dow 20,000 soon

    the upside is unlimited specially with FXi EWZ GOOG BIDU AAPL and so on
  8. Dude, you are so right bro! I am buying 3 mac's, 3 iphones, and 3 touch ipods for christmas. Gonna run my shopping list on the google ad service to let the world know too! also going to use my mastercard to buy it all with.

    Up Up and away!!
  9. Making money in the stock market is so easy
  10. or the makings of a blow off top.........hmmmmm
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