This is the BIGGEST CONSPIRACY EVER and I Want to Join It.

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  1. The American People beg for pennies from Congress for bulletproof vests for their kids serving in Iraq - they are denied.

    The American People beg for nickles from Congress for quality education for their children - they are denied.

    The American People beg for dimes from Congress for quality health care - they are denied.

    Wall Street demands 7 trillion from the government and they get it instantly with no strings attached.

    The funny thing is that there is no fucking outrage. In fact the sheeple masses just elected Obama, whose messianic charm is required for this thievery to continue.

    So now fuck it - I want to join the NWO and help enslave the sheeple masses. I can no longer feel anything for any fellow Americans - ignorant sheeple cunts.

    Let them chant "YES WE CAN!!!" while we Illumanati enslave them.

    Let them chant "CHANGE!!!" while their standard of living dives off a cliff.
  2. You make some excellent points. It seems the American people will only rise up once its too late. Too much apathy, I really think people just don't "get it". They don't fully know what's going on. They just hear "bailout" and think oh ok another bailout everything will be ok.

    Stupid sheeple!!
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    Nobody told stupid fat greedy americans to buy 3 pairs of sneakers every year, buy their kids $1000 worth of clothes for the school year, so their kid can look the coolest. Nobody told you stupid idiots to lease a car every 3 years so you can own PART of a new car and look cool every 3 years. When you could have paid off a lesser expensive car in 6 years if you financed it, sold it and had a nice down payment for your next new car. But imagine you have to wait an extra 3 years for that new car, THE HORRORRRRRRRRRRR! Video games, xbox's, PS3's, gotta have gotta have! Not a 20 inch tv anymore, but a 32, not 42 inch HIGH DEF TV, GOTTA HAVEEEEEEEEEE IT AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Nobody told these stupid fuckfaces to go out and buy a 6 room house with 2 acres for a family of 4.

    Blaming congress because americans are so fat and greedy, LMFAOOOO THATS THE PROBLEM.

    I love when I go food shopping and see fat people with the carts STUFFEDDDDDDDDD. But that's congress's fault.


    And that's what makes people sheep, greed, fads, material things, tv, advertising, NOT congress.
  4. That's the bill for all the subsidies Americans have been enjoying for the past 30-40 years. What's to complain about?
  5. Sheeple is the correct word. Sheeple believe the media. The wealthy refer to them as 'yahoos in the hustings' and 'the great unwashed.' America, you are being played.
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    great post! + you could put UK in the same pot (almost)

    i am afraid the crisis won't be over till this changes - and that means still a lot of pain coming...
  7. Well, just what the Hell do you expect... when after 9/11, Prez Bush tells the country, "Don't just sit home watching TV about the World Trade Center... GO SHOPPING!"

    We are naive and ill-informed because the Gummint wants us that way. We are spendthrift for the same reason, as we follow Washington's example.

    If we were informed and at all politically astute, we'd have had Revolutionary War II already... but this time to rid ourselves of our own greedy, self-serving, lying, thieving Gummint.

  8. Some people think that the democracy is the problem.

    Do you know how dumb the average voter is? Half the voters are even dumber.

    But democracy is not the problem. The problem is inheritance.

    Whenever you have a vast amount of money being passed on from one generation to another - you always get an emergence of an aristocracy of trust fund babies that live off daddy's wealth while being in control of society.

    I know cause I'm a trust fund baby. If I wasn't set to inherent millions, I would have studied and worked harder and I'd be an engineer, doctor, or lawyer. But instead I work 8 hours a week daytrading.

    All NWO players (Rockefellers, Rothchilds, etc) are all trust fund babies. They want vast income inequality and "the good life" to continue for another 15 generations.

    If we had a 50-100% inheritance tax then we probably wouldn't even need an income tax. And that would put an end to the lazy and stupid shadow aristocracy every country has.

    If people weren't able to pass on billions to their kids then they'd be forced to pass on good traditional values, a good education, and a good work ethic instead.

    With a 90% inheritance tax, there would be no need for government because the amount of charity in society would be enormous.
  9. I came to the same conclusion 4 years ago when Bush was re-elected even though these red sheeple fuckers knew this MOFO who preached "compassionate conservatism" just 4 years earlier was neither compassionate nor conservative. BTW where was the outrage when Bush started a phony war against Iraq on the pretext of WMD, which was never found? Shame, shame.
  10. WMD is an old issue. He had them, he used them, he moved them. But I agree about politicians, you're not going to find an honest one amongst those elected. They get their marching orders from the few who allow them to be elected. And it sure isn't the taxpayers.
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