"This Is The Big One"

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  1. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. B-1 bomber sent to try to kill Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) in Baghdad dropped four satellite-guided bombs only 12 minutes after receiving orders that "this is the big one," a crew member said on Tuesday.

    Well La Di Da. The reports still said it took 45 minutes overall. Marines could have gone by cab in that time. Maybe a rickshaw. I could have flown the shuttle from NYC to Boston or to Washington in that time. That's 225 goddam miles. All this is is big fat beautifully spun intelligence and/or command failure. Course it's always possible that a busy, overworked Saddam decided to take a relaxing lunch with the kids.

    Sure hope none of our boys on the ground get in a position of being overrun and have to call in air.


  2. uh, they are still a little busy dropping bombs all over iraq, don't forget that. Something had to be retasked in order to try to hit Sadam, which was really just a chance and not a certainty.
  3. I didn't read the articles but I doubt these planes circle Baghdad all day ready to go. Also they may have had to put in the rather unusual bomb load of 4 bunker busters.
  4. Almost forgot - "..... droppped four bombs...."

    That's all it can hold.

    I bet history records that Bush and Rumsfeld were livid about this episode.


    PS: Any of you guys see that Kudlow & Cramer show about a month back with the US spook that just wrote a book - segment was called something like The Man Who Chased Osama? Where the guy said we could have got him 3 different times? Guess I'm still blowing off steam about that here.
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    This is one sexy beast:

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    msfe, good to have you back. So having no current link re the liberation of Iraq you now rehash old stuff? Sad man, real sad.
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    what liberation ?

    this is an illegal aggression & occupation of a sovereign member of the UN - and the mass killing of its citizens in the process
  9. Still don't like that darned B1. We took a field trip from our tavern to the air show and went through one with a fine toothed comb except cockpit - can't go in there. The bomb bay might hold 2 banquet tables. Now I know it was designed for nukes and all I can say is nukes nowadays better be pretty small too. Old guy with us said B-17 next door could hold more but we couldn't go in that one because of its age.

    Not only does B1 leak fuel like we read in the papers, this one was leaking hydraulic fluid on the tarmac. Pilot was pissed that we were pointing at puddle and taking pictures.

    Still, that is a sharp looking photo up above.

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