This is the best time 2 buy ever

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  1. Without a doubt this is is the best time 2 buy ever. The market is stronger thasn ever.

    Tthe fed just bailed the markets which mans that they are aware of the so called bear and suborime problem and won't let it get much worse.

    ALso the subprime is no big deal. No big headlines A fe hedgefunds going bust isnt a big deal. NO ones cares. I stil dont see why people are making such a big deal over some stupid funds and subprimes and lending and liquidity. Not a big deal I say again.

    When the dow crosses 14000 again it wil be as if none of that stuff even mattered. All put behind us.

    Also the smarties who want the market to go higher will win. We got strong revenue and tons of spendism and paymentism and consumer spending. We got coperationism, consumerism, monetizationsim, and smartism. A society of peoplespending money and voting in the 2008 elections. Borders OPEN! Need more crap labor
  2. You have to open a new thread for each piece of "analysis" you post? It's always the same.
  3. Yes I have to. Look ac mc donalds. We all know they exist right? But they keep advertising so people dont forget where they stand on fast food.
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    I'm convinced :D

    going down to the bank and getting a equity loan :eek:
    and start buying
  5. Have you looked at a daily chart lately? I'm not saying that the market will go up or down, and I dont care. But how you can say the market has never been stronger is beyond me.

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    Let me know what rate you get! :D
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    Didnt you say this around 13500????
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    I knew that you were the author of this thread before I even clicked on it. Pathetic.
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    Because you don't see why it's such a big deal does that mean it isn't so? The reason you don't see is because you don't understand. I suggest you do a bit of research and post your findings instead of posting the same drivel over and over.

    You didn't predict the Dow would fall over 1000 points in less than a month so why should we give any credit to your predictions that it will now rise to new highs?
  10. Historically the markets give a 7% yearly return. About 2/3 of the year is over and we're only up a few percent.

    Yes there is strong selling but that only makes the rebound all the more abrupt.

    A lot of shorts forgot about the the mon-wed rally. THE DOW GAINED 500 POINTS IN THREE DAYS! That is huge. When the market rebound it will be so sudden and violent that it will decimate all shorts and puts. It will be short armagedon because of the reversion to the mean. Don't forget about the 7% historical return.
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