This is the best message board so far. . .

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by eagle488, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. I have been here a short time, but I can say for a fact that this seems to be the best message board so far for both investing and trading. Serious, real advice without the spam or the profane remarks.

    I would say the Yahoo message boards is the absolute worst!
  2. Yep. Never no spam here and I have yet to see anyone use a cuss word.

    A real spiritual group here.
  3. All you must do is click the complain button in the lower right corner of the offending post that is using excessive profanity or vulgar language. as far as spam...well if you find the complain button...

  4. The complain button is utter bullshit. It almost never accomplishes anything of consequence.
  5. I personally respond to complaints from guests daily...

  6. Hey electric, a question on that, you take your (ahem ) duties seriously .

    When you get a new subscriber, by the name of , for example "big tits" or huuuuge viagra, whats your take on the response time there, or does that, legitamately, depend on the timing of complaint responses?
  7. Just to illustrate, (i gather you never sleep), the current newest member is
    "russian bride'.

    Now, they havent made a post yet, but im sure they will......
    and it might be a sneaky suspicion, maybe im being paranoid, but you know.............
  8. I can assure you that I am not the only moderator here. There are several all watching together for violations of the conduct here, with far more experience than I. I do not speak for them either. I am simply a volunteer wanting to keep this community #1 and I appreciate ET as a guest and recently a moderator so much. I view my "duties" (ahem) as a spam searcher and I trade also, thus I continue to post under the same rules as all.

    Moderators actively watch, read and participate (some more than others :)) in these forums, regardless of the complaints. But it would be nice if the several hundred, sometime thousand that are online would help us speed things along.

    Haven't you noticed how smoothly this site runs lately? ET is #1 because of the administration, the guests and the moderation (less moderation is best, but it is here when needed).

    Michael B.

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    ET: Where only a few members are actually investigated by the FBI every year, and we're proud of it.