This is some real F**KED up stuff.

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  1. General Butt Naked. Warlords in Liberia

    Cross dressing cannibals roaming the streets, Zombies,etc.. This could be the US in 100 years.

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    These guys pay a fee bucks and can get any guy out of prison. LOL Crazy shit.

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  2. I was there during some of the worst violence. There was some crazy shit that went down in Liberia but all in all, those idiots had no idea how to fight. We wasted a bunch of them.

    They had a few main factions but they also had about a dozen smaller ones with their own crap. They had these two warlords that hated each other and their guys were always fighting each other. One of the warlords called himself George Bush and the other called himself Saddam Hussein. I shit you not.
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    Africa and Haiti are voodoo country. There is no sense trying to help anybody there that much until they stop the devil worship. What really is startling to me is that in Rwanda when they had the genocide, there were Christians taking part in it... Something must happen to the mind from just being there...
  4. Whats messed up is they do not seem to have a problem eating humans.

    In the first video they were cutting parts of that guy alive and eating him.

    I guess it is some kind of sick victory thing they do.
  5. Their IQ's are about 60-65.
  6. I notice you don't care to talk to someone who was there. You are more interested in some video you got from the internet.

    BTW, how was that stock rally that you predicted?
  7. where is pt 3?
  8. I assume you mean COLLECTIVELY?

  9. "General Mosquito" and his enemy "General Mosquito Spray".

  10. I was curious about why you were there and how you got involved.

    Tell us about it.
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