This is ripe for the Bush administration to "use"

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  1. the first step for patriotic Americans should be declaration of a "war on asteroids," followed by cancellation of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments. after that, maybe a dept. of asteroid security could be set up. and national ID cards would be a good idea, while we're at it.
  2. Just start a rumor that there might be oil on it, and the administration will take care of the problem much more efficiently and discretely.
  3. not preparing for this is pure stupidity...unless we want to end up extinct like dinosaurs.
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    Maybe there's more to the space program than a deep hole we throw money into.
  5. typical bs from a person who thinks the bible is the explanation for the universe....

    sad. :-/
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    I bet your atheist ass will be PRAYING for SALVATION when that astroid's bearing down on you.
  7. no i wouldn't pray to imaginary gods like your sorry ass.

    might as well ask for superman to help you..
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    Its a rare occurrence when you actually make sense.
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