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  1. What happened to the economy? In 2006, it seemed as if everything was roses and now we are here 2 years later in ruin.

    Can one of ET's experts sum it up?
  2. one word:
    George Bush.
  3. Dead wrong: Bill Clinton.
  4. Get over it, the guy's been out of office nearly 8 years.

    As far as I can recall he didn't ship jobs overseas with reckless abandon, flush billions down a toilet known as Iraq, crush the dollar with massive deficits and indebt the nation for generations to come to the Chinese.
  5. He has been out of office 8 years, but he set the land mine, NOT BUSH!


    And you are 100% dead wrong about Clinton not shipping jobs overseas. Ever heard of NAFTA?

    If you don't know what you are talking about please don't vote. Thinking that getting a democrat in the White House will change anything is beyond idiotic!
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    North American Free Trade Agreement = NAFTA
  8. I didn't say Clinton didn't ship any jobs overseas. Of course he did. I was simply implying that this has increased by a wide margin over the last 8 years.

    That's a very nice link you provided, if you think some deadbeats who were given mortgages they can't afford is what is causing this financial mess you're wrong.

    The problem is a completely unregulated runaway derivatives market. Alarm bells were sounded about this as far back as 2002 by Warren Buffett.

    Releasing Investment Banks from the 'net capital rule' is the lynch pin to this whole problem. Relying on the IB's to regulate themselves was a disasterous decision. ..... Who released them from this rule and let this happen? Former SEC chairman William H Donaldson. Wanna guess who appointed him?
  9. Yes, Clinton had more to do with this than Bush.. although all the blame will go to Bush, this started WAY before Bush took office.

    Furthermore...... George Bush is two words
  10. Come again?

    "As far as I can recall he didn't ship jobs overseas with reckless abandon, "
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