This is really sad

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KavMan, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. KavMan


    How many people dread weekends?
    I remember when I had a 9 to 5 job, I couldn't wait till weekends came along
    Now, i just hate weekends since I can't daytrade = no money
    I'm always looking for Monday to roll around
    Hahaha How sad is that?
    I think I turned into a money hungry daytrading junky
    Right now I'm counting the seconds till Monday comes :D
    Anyone else like that too?
  2. I have to hold my breath till sunday night

    to see if I need to or want to trade the e minis

    against my overnight equity positions

  3. sammybea


    i would be careful when you say you are looking forward to monday.. the last couple of days have been amazing for most traders. I know i made more in the last 2 weeks than any 2 week period in 2002. Be careful!
  4. If trading dominates your life to such an extent then you have real problems.

    Perhaps better to scale down until the peaceful sleeping point is reached.

    Your health and quality of life is more important than anything else.

  5. I have only one problem when trying to sleep: noise. Other than that, I sleep like a baby. But I stll think the world would be a better place without weekends.
  6. Foz


    Can I have some of my money back, sammybea? I think most of that was mine. :D
  7. KavMan


    I'm always looking for that Monday fix
    Right now I'm having the shakes, Need that Monday fix
    Haha Nah I'm just joking, no shakes but I agree thinking about money 24/7 is not good for the mind or body

    To Sammy
    These couple of weeks has been great
    From the day after Christmas till today my account has climbed an extra $8600+ :D
  8. white17


    Guilty: I have cut back on my trading and feel better physically but still have the weekend "DT's" and I made my first trade 41 years ago. I doubt I'll get over it any time soon.
  9. sammybea


    lol, i am still playing catchup too you i am sure :)
  10. sammybea


    congrats kav.. u are about 1500 hundred dollars ahead of me. It feels good for once.
    #10     Jan 10, 2003