this is random and vague but true none the less

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    Thought of this kinda randomly in the shower this morning.

    I am sure it is out of context and there are underlying issues, BUT

    Bush everyone knows he tried to get americans to take control of a portion of the money they pay to social security.

    Democrats, right now are hearing arguments about taking over peoples 401k's and IRA's.

    Regardless of what is best for the people, what sounds more like freedom to you?
  2. What freedom? Right now you can be snatched from the streets by men in black, labeled a terrorist and tried in a secret court without a lawyer based on bogus evidence "for national security reasons".

    Nobody is going to take your IRA. Hearings can be conducted on anything, from global warming to fair tax.
  3. is that what you think about in the shower ? what a sad specimen
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    Funny, neither of you two pussies answered the question.

    What a couple bitches.
  5. Obama and Congress rescinding the Patriot Act? Didn't think so.

    Unless they DO ko the PA then your point is bullshit. Correct?