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    I came across a site that is selling a stock market newsletter. The guy says that his picks will make you about 500% per year and he is up almost $8million already this year. He doesnt need your money (obviously) so he has limited his newsletter to only 2500 subsribers..and if your lucky enough to be one of them you can get in for the low price of $49.95 per year (the price WILL BE GOING UP IN THE FUTURE THOUGH). The best part though is the terms of use..the first two are pretty typical stuff...These are super secret ninja tactics, me and my "staff" work really super hard to bring them to you, so you better not be giving them out for free, and that you have to agree to actually trade the picks..he doesnt want to waste his time on you if your not serious. This last term of use is great though, I got a good laugh.

    3. If You Cancel Your Subscription, You're Out Forever –

    If I allow you to subscribe to the ThePowerStocks Newsletter and you cancel your subscription (for any reason) you will not be allowed to re-subscribe. I'm sorry, but there will be plenty of other qualified stock market traders that will want to take your spot and I won't hesitate to give it to them.

    Plus, I need to completely control who can read and gain access to this information. Because if you come back, then I would have to watch what I say for fear of it getting into the wrong hands... and therefore shortchanging all the other subscribers. So you're either in... or you're out. PERIOD.
  2. Amazing tactics, you would think that he would've at least upped the tactics to todays standards.... but hes like promoting as if the mkt just came out a few yrs ago..... and no one ever heard of a snake oil peddler.
  3. Very funny indeed.