This is outrageous to not reopen

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. silk


    Traders need a chance to cover their shorts. We all know they will have these futes ripping by Wed morning. Maybe there will be one second to cover wed morning if we are lucky. But doubtful. If you are short stocks and got excited by futes down this morning. Don't be. They will have shorts screwed by wed.

    Its barely raining on wall street. Per CNBC, just close your drapes if you are in a high rise, you will be just fine.
  2. Bob111


    dude..don't worry,you gonna get's moving very slow
    if collided with cold front that coming from canada-from category 1 it might jump to cat 5 in a blink(end of the f** world type). read the info on the net.
    don't worry about your shorts-the market will go lower on economic impact of this storm.
  3. I feel you.

    You can hedge your shorts via futures options. Even on holidays, the ES is open for a couple hours.

    Even if they opened, there would be little activity. It looks like the hurricane will strike tomorrow, not today. I guess they should have opened today for a short period. Obviously most of it is just hype by idiots. I want to trade before December comes (most people take the month off)...............
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  5. Really? Will it jump to cat 5? That would be intersting...right now its just a bit wet...
  6. WD40


    that's why i don't carry anything over the wekends
  7. Bob111


    that was their worst case prediction and so far things are moving this way. i'm in PA,near philly-no fun right now(rain with wind gusts >50mph all night long) and it's going to get much worse

    have you seen pics from atlantic city? completely flooded
  8. hajimow


    I feel you are trying to scare off shorts in an innocent way. Market will be down big when it opens on Wednesday even if we see a fake calmness at open.
  9. That brings up an interesting point Bob. What happens to all the HFT servers over in Jersey city. Are they going to go offline. I know the have redundancy but how much. Because as we all know HFT rules the market not Waxie. If they go offline we got a whole new market temporarily
  10. Obviously you are not a profitable trader :(.............
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