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    Is it any wonder why we are behind all these other countries in education?

    This is what their marketing campaign came up with and they are sticking to it.
  2. Not the marketing peil. Its the math.

    We direct out students to the "ologies"

    In the ologies one can write papers that comply with the profs worldview and walk away with a degree.

    However, in the hard sciences, where 2+2=4, no matter who is on the podium, it gets more difficult. We don't direct our students there.

    There is no bullshitting your way to a physics, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, etc. degree. Either it is or it ain't.

    That is our real problem.
  3. BTW, I am African-American( for lack of a better description), and I see this in our communities. Educational relativism. Not too long ago, a teacher would ask a student a question. If they knew the answer, on to the next level. If they did not know the answer, to the back of the line. When they came back to the front of the line, the question would be asked again, and so on and so forth.

    Now, we have teachers who will settle for a "ball park" answer. This type of education has no chance of developing new technologies, or even maintaining the old ones.

    If America does not regain the standards she had, she is doomed.

    And, Yes We Can.
  4. America has been DUMBED DOWN by DESIGN! We were the big player superpower with a Constitution and a CITIZENRY who had control over THEIR government.

    YIKES said the Globalist Wealth Entities, or better described as predominantly old western european families (you know the ones, those who OWN the criminal syndicate central banking system of the world)!!!!!

    From B of A issuing the first CREDIT CARD back in 1958 to the Womens Lib Movement, all PLANNED! In some cases even FUNDED by various FOUNDATIONS who have their MASTERS directing them from abroad. The plan has ALWAYS been to pull mama out of the house (and to get her a$$ DISTRACTED while working to start paying for debt!!!), and then get the kids brainwashed in public school through THEIR best weapon......INCREMENTALISM.

    From the very late 50's through the 60's, and then accelerating into the 70's, our US education system has gone to hell......all by DESIGN! Public schools and colleges have been polluted with very destructive mentalities, and a rush to focus mainly on teaching the little BOTS how to go out and get a JOB (UUGH!!!!!!!!!!!).

    Financial education and Entrepreneurism has been obliterated into almost a "thought crime" if sad! The little bots have been brainwashed into negativism towards their parents, and how to get crappy jobs with tons of debt by the time they are in their mid 20's.........BY DESIGN!!!!!!!!

    The directed theme has been DEPENDENCY, MEDIOCRITY, and politically correct OBEDIENCE! Behave now you little timid and docile masses, go out and BUY MORE $HIT AND WORK MORE OT!!!
    As the cattle have been lead into a directed indentured servitude state, compromised by debt and distractions, they have ultimately LOST CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT..........ALL BY DESIGN!!!
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    In engineering school I had to take some electives in "letters and arts" and so took a few literature classes. The professors were these all-black-wearing dudes with extremely liberal political and social views and they were militant about expressing those views during lecture. That wasn't pleasant but I could cope with it and kept quiet.

    What messed me up was that we had to write a series of term papers and I noticed that I would get the same grade if I spent the whole semester researching and writing as I would get for a paper that I wrote at 4AM the morning it was due. It turned out they were grading students based upon the degree to which they adopted the political ideas of the professors and the extent the student manifested those views in their term papers.

    So I just knocked out all subsequent assignments early the morning they were due. I have never seen such subjective grading. I peppered those papers with a few of their slogans and got by. What a bunch of seriously useless people. They create nothing and added nothing to the books we read.

    In engineering there was a certain fairness because the answer was the answer and you either solved the problem or you didn't. Sometimes if you couldn't solve a problem you could derive one of the needed expressions from first principles and perhaps get some points for work. Sometimes I pissed my friends off by getting partial credit on an exam problem by deriving something completely unrelated lol. :)

    I remember one exam with 10 problems and nobody solved any of them, people managed some work on one problem out of the 10. It was a supreme bitch but it was fair.

    I've never had any use for liberal arts majors since.
  6. No, it was not planned and there was no grand design by the illuminati or whatever else.

    These things happened on their own. Now...were these situations taken advantage of by people in power? Yes. But planned? No.
  7. You obviously have very MINIMAL knowledge then of the 1958 B of A first credit card issuance plan or who funded the Womens Lib movement (just to name a few PLANNED events of the MANY that have taken place through this period of American history).

    BTW, do you know how many Patriot Act Bills were already written by several think tank groups PRIOR to 9/11???

    Many events in our recent history have been planned out and directed well before final deployment.......sometimes their plans work out and sometime they don't. There is a lot of "directed" influence as to certain events in the recent history of this country, and there are very negative Globalist lead agendas in action.

    There are PLANNED very negative agendas in action all throughout the world.....the US is not alone in the ASYMETRICAL PLANNED degradation of the citizenry!

    Does the UK have CCTV cameras all over the damn place because of random events???

    Did Monsanto push GMO crops and the heinous "RoundUp" herbicide throughout India just for the hell of it???

    Was financial and economic dependency spread throughout europe, and a new regional currency created from a sudden "napkin idea" at a cocktail meet up.......LOL???

    .....and back to the US!!!

    Why were SO MANY of the top NANOTHERMITE experts in the US all selected as members of the NIST investigative team for the 9/11 WTC investigations......random??? HELL NO.......ALL PLANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite
    by Kevin R. Ryan

    “Q ... Was the steel tested for explosives or thermite residues?
    A ... NIST did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel.” NIST Responses to FAQs, August 2006

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has had considerable difficulty determining a politically correct sequence of events for the unprecedented destruction of three World Trade Center (WTC) buildings on 9/11. But despite a number of variations in NIST’s story, it never considered explosives or pyrotechnic materials in any of its hypotheses. This omission is at odds with several other striking facts; first, the requirement of the national standard for fire investigation (NFPA 921), which calls for testing related to thermite and other pyrotechnics, and second, the extensive experience NIST investigators have with explosive and thermite materials.

    One of the most intriguing aspects of NIST’s diversionary posture has been their total lack of interest in explosive or pyrotechnic features in their explanations. Despite the substantial evidence for the use of explosives at the WTC, and the extensive expertise in explosives among NIST investigators, explosives were never considered in the NIST WTC investigation. Only after considerable criticism of this fact did NIST deign to add one small disclaimer to their final report on the towers, suggesting they found no evidence for explosives.

    Article continues.....

    Here are the top 10 reasons why nanothermite, should have come to mind quickly for the NIST WTC investigators.

    Connection 1

    NIST was working with LLNL to test and characterize these sol-gel nanothermites, at least as early as 1999.

    Connection 2

    Forman Williams, the lead engineer on NIST’s advisory committee, and the most prominent engineering expert for Popular Mechanics, is an expert on the deflagration of energetic materials and the “ignition of porous energetic materials”. Nanothermites are porous energetic materials. Additionally, Williams’ research partner, Stephen Margolis, has presented at conferences where nano-energetics are the focus. Some of Williams’ other colleagues at the University of California San Diego, like David J. Benson, are also experts on nanothermite materials.

    Connection 3

    Science Applications International (SAIC) is the DOD and Homeland Security contractor that supplied the largest contingent of non-governmental investigators to the NIST WTC investigation. SAIC has extensive links to nano-thermites, developing and judging nanothermite research proposals for the military and other military contractors, and developing and formulating nanothermites directly. SAIC’s subsidiary Applied Ordnance Technology has done research on the ignition of nanothermites with lasers.

    In an interesting coincidence, SAIC was the firm that investigated the 1993 WTC bombing, boasting that — “After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our blast analyses produced tangible results that helped identify those responsible (SAIC 2004).” And the coincidences with this company don’t stop there, as SAIC was responsible for evaluating the WTC for terrorism risks in 1986 as well. SAIC is also linked to the late 1990s security upgrades at the WTC, the Rudy Giuliani administration, and the anthrax incidents after 9/11, through former employees Jerome Hauer and Steven Hatfill.
  9. Connection 4

    Arden Bement, the metallurgist and expert on fuels and materials who was nominated as director of NIST by President George W. Bush in October 2001, was former deputy secretary of defense, former director of DARPA’s office of materials science, and former executive at TRW.

    Of course, DOD and DARPA are both leaders in the production and use of nanothermites. And military and aerospace contractor TRW has had a long collaboration with NASA laboratories in the development of energetic materials that are components of advanced propellants, like nano-gelled explosive materials (NASA 2001). TRW Aeronautics also made fireproof composites and high performance elastomer formulations, and worked with NASA to make energetic aerogels.

    Additionally, Bement was a professor at Purdue and MIT. Purdue has a thriving program for nanothermite. And interestingly, at MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology, we find Martin Z. Bazant, son of notable “conspiracy debunker” Zdenek P. Bazant, who does research on granular flows, and the electrochemical interactions of silicon. Zdenek P. Bazant is interested in nanocomposites as well, and how they relate to naval warfare. MIT was represented at nano-energetics conferences as early as 1998.

    Bement was also a director at both Battelle and the Lord Corporation. Battelle (where the anthrax was made) is an organization of “experts in fundamental technologies from the five National Laboratories we manage or co-manage for the US DOE.” Battelle advertises their specialization in nanocomposite coatings. The Lord Corporation also makes high-tech coatings for military applications. In 1999, Lord Corp was working with the Army and NASA on “advanced polymer composites, advanced metals, and multifunctional materials”.

    Connection 5

    Hratch Semerjian, long-time director of NIST’s chemical division, was promoted to acting director of NIST in November 2004, and took over the WTC investigation until the completion of the report on the towers. Semerjian is closely linked to former NIST employee Michael Zachariah, perhaps the world’s most prominent expert on nanothermite. In fact, Semerjian and Zachariah co-authored ten papers that focus on nano-particles made of silica, ceramics and refractory particles. Zachariah was a major player in the Defense University Research Initiative on Nanotechnology (DURINT), a groundbreaking research effort for nanothermite.

    Connection 6

    NIST has a long-standing partnership with NASA for the development of new nanothermite and other nano-technological materials. In fact, Michael Zachariah coordinates this partnership.

    Connection 7

    In 2003, two years before the NIST WTC report was issued, the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and NIST signed a memorandum of understanding to develop nano-technologies like nanothermite.

    Together, NIST and UMCP have done much work on nanothermites.

    Connection 8

    NIST has their own Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST). Additionally, NIST’s Reactive Flows Group did research on nanostructured materials and high temperature reactions in the mid-nineties.
  10. Connection 9

    Richard Gann, who did the final editing of the NIST WTC report, managed a project called “Next-Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program”, both before and after 9/11. Andrzej Miziolek, another of the world’s leading experts on nanothermite, is the author of “Defense Applications of Nanomaterials”, and also worked on Richard Gann’s fire suppression project.

    Gann’s project was sponsored by DOD’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), an organization that sponsored a number of LLNL’s nano-thermite projects.

    Connection 10

    As part of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, NIST partners with the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Indian Head (NSWC-IH) on Chemical Science and Technology. NSWC-IH is probably the most prominent US center for nanothermite technology. In 1999, Jan Puszynski, a scientist working for the DURINT program, helped NSWC-IH design a pilot plant to produce nano-size aluminum powder. It was reported that “At that time, this was [the] only reliable source of aluminum nanopowders in the United States”, however, private companies like Argonide and Technanogy were also known to have such capabilities.

    Among an interesting group of contractors that NSWC-IH hired in 1999 were SAIC, Applied Ordnance, Battelle, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mantech, Titan, Pacific Scientific Energetic (see below), and R Stresau Laboratories for “demolition materials”.

    A tragic coincidence left William Caswell, an employee of NSWC-IH, dead on the plane said to have hit the Pentagon (Flight 77). He had for many years worked on “deep-black” projects at NSWC-IH.

    The presence of Pacific Scientific Energetics (PSE) in this list of 1999 NSWC-IH contractors is interesting because PSE was the parent company of Special Devices, Inc (SDI). SDI specializes in explosives for defense, aerospace and mining applications, and was acquired in 1998 by John Lehman, 9/11 Commissioner, member of the Project for a New American Century, and former Secretary of the Navy. Lehman divested in 2001.

    With this in mind, it is worthwhile to reiterate that nanothermite materials were very likely used in the deceptive demolition of the WTC buildings, but most certainly played only a part in the plan. However, other high-tech explosives were available to those who had access to nanothermite materials at the time. Like SDI, several other organizations with links to military, space and intelligence programs (e.g. In-Q-Tel, Orbital Science) have access to many types of high-tech explosives to cut high-strength bolts and produce pyrotechnic events. These organizations also have connections to those who could have accessed the buildings, like WTC tenant Marsh & McLennan and former NASA administrator and Securacom director, James Abrahamson.

    In any case, it is important for those seeking the truth about 9/11 to consider what organizations and people had access to the technologies that were used to accomplish the deceptive demolition of the WTC buildings. It is also important to recognize the links between those who had access to the technologies, those who had access to the buildings, and those who produced the clearly false official reports.

    To that end we should note that NIST had considerable connections to nanothermite, both before and during the WTC investigation. It is therefore inexplicable why NIST did not consider such materials as an explanation for the fires that burned on 9/11, and long afterward at Ground Zero. This fact would not be inexplicable, of course, if those managing the NIST investigation knew to not look, or test, for such materials.
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