This is officially a Bull Market now

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dumpandbasher, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Friday's low on the Dow was 7773. Closed today at 9389. That's a 21% gain, which is a bull market, by definition.
  2. zwib


    This seems like too much too fast. Over 11% up in 1 day?
  3. cszulc


    I agree this was an unexpected day. I thought we'd be up, but not by 10%+.

    With all the nay-sayers saying we'll probably be down tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up another 10% (although unlikely).
  4. slow down. i told everyone to buy on thursday and friday. we have indeed made huge rallies since then, but this is no bull market. we have some room left on the upside - another 5-12% after that, i'd be selling everything. the problems are still very bad, this looks more like a crazy dead cat bounce, but it's still got some legs.

    enjoy it while it lasts, b/c it probably won't last alot longer.
  5. No, its NOT a bull market. 1 day has zero meaning. We are in historic volatility. There is no guarantee that next week won't be DOWN 15%
  6. Don't buy into this Fluff day for a second, Staying short, economy and wallets are hurting!
  7. maybe it's time to change the definition.
  8. i will stay out of this deadcat.
  9. i got ran over, burned , tortured and left for dead
    shorting and adding to losers the last 2 hours

    its one thing to fight it but another to lose your discipline

    tomorrow is another day
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    1 day bull market, that's gotta be the fastest ever.
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