this is not over guys--more downside

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hitman4gk, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. this is ugly..this is not a one or 2 day wonder...
  2. relax skippy - the shorts will give us a bounce.
  3. yeah right...this is not a one day wonder..
  4. MattF


    well the Dow isn't gaining 400 points tomorrow that's for sure...
  5. That would be really weird if it did...:eek:
  6. OP might I suggest posting "why" you think the selling will continue. Just saying "this is not over" is kinda silly, dont you think?
  7. I do not think this is over, however, today was only supposed to be a 2% shave.

    Just before at 2:59pm est there was a dupped option order.
  8. QQQQ's sold off below RTH lows after hours.

    Asian markets gapping down as we speak.

    At least things should be interesting for a while.
  9. VIX doubled today.

    Yes DOUBLED. 10 to almost 20. What does that tell you?
  10. Nothing. Only that the market sold off.
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