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    I used to think when I wasn't making money trading it was because I was trading poorly. These last few weeks, I don't see how it's possible to be making money as a trader. I can't remember a more difficult period.
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    Be patient...
  3. There has been some excellent intraday trends these past many many weeks. In fact, every week of this year has produced at least 3 strong intraday trends (Up or Down) that a trader could capture some decent points.

    EVERY WEEK of this year!!!

    Its possible that whatever your using (your trade methodology) is not setup to exploit such types of trends?

    Its possible your trade methodology is more specific for other trading situations that you have not yet figure out when to use it and when not to use it (being on the sidelines).

    I do see a lot of guys in the chat rooms trading very actively during the choppiness...ignoring or take very few trades during the trends and then announcing how difficult trading is.

    You know like must be very difficult to make money as a trader for those guys/gals.

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    Ever heard about hard right edge? It is too easy to talk about trends which happened in the past.

    Or course if you can recognize in advance a beginning of a trend (as opposed to headfake) or that you are in the middle of a trend and it will continue for some time, that it will not reverse or turn into chop as soon as you get in, well if you can predict that I envy you.
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    Manipulators are everywhere. Financial institutions are desperate. More and more professional day traders are employed to trade large funds. That's why the market is getting more and more difficult. Because you are merely a follower not a mover. Do not miss the boat. Send your resume and trading records to get incorporated by branded firms. Trade other's money and be the house! That is the way out. JMHO. hope it is helpful.

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    What i have noticed is that lately there are some decent trends in the first two hours of trading, after it's chop chop for the rest of the day.
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    Yes, the best trades are 9-12 it seems:)
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    My point is this. Do not blame yourself. Blame others instead. It is those manipulators do not allow you to profit but maybe to lose in this day. Well, with this mentality, take a break since they are out there making you the mark in the day. Why let them do this? Wait another day that you are totally ignored by the market and your nice profit is unknown to anybody but yourself.


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    I think this should be your signature qdz.:D :D
  10. Ditch,

    I completely fact...its been that way for years :cool:

    It will be that way tomorrow, the following day and the days after that...more often than not.


    Traders that dont understand how the market cycles from one intraday time period into the next...will have a very difficult time in this market.

    I dont know if the starter of this thread was trading the chop because he never gave any specifics...

    but if he does and trades the chop for profits will be extremely difficult.

    Making a living do such will be evenmore difficult.

    At least for me it would be...reason why I put a lot of energy into avoiding the chop and concentrate instead on major trend reversal signals.

    I also trade with a reduce size the pullback breakouts to catch a point or two when the trend continues after the pullback.

    When I am unsure...I rarely trade and spend my time surfing the internet or talking up a storm in the chat rooms.

    The usual Maria and her pals on CNBC talk :D

    P.S. Some good looking gals on Bloomberg, European and Asia financail networks.

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