This is no MF trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OVERtheLINE, May 12, 2003.

  1. take a walk, go play 18..... if this is this summers preview everyone around here should have alot of playtime


    Why? Opportunity every day and today was no different.
  3. trader99


    I agreed. Today, I had a few good trades. 75 cents winner on 1200 shares. Could have been $1.5 winner on 1200shares. Oh well. There are oppotunities but you have to look hard. Maybe I should stop for the day? keke

    good luck!
  4. i've made 2 trades, first one only 20min ago

    today is a bit weird

    either its going to be a huge rally or a lead balloon

    floor seems unwilling to get long
  5. 1 trade.... 7 SP points so far...

    Glad I'm trading today....
  6. ditto bought SPY @ 93.69 sold @ 94.11..probably should have let it run a little more...but I aint greedy


    I think we'll pullback later on today; looking for a chance to short the SPY.
  8. I just shorted the SP...938.00. Same old story...stopped upside momentum, double top with jnegative volume divergence. We'll see...usually win 75% of the time.
  9. I was just checking out that double top also..but usually dont have good luck with picking tops.
  10. we did pop after my post and fail at the old high. either way nice work boys (I still think the volume blows monkey balls)
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