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  1. Just as in 2007, exposure is minimal. The U.S. Has very little exposure to Greece, Italy,Ireland,Spain,and Portugal. Guess what, France and Germany do. Guess what else? The U.S. Has a lot of exposure to both France and Germany. If just one U.S. bank comes out and says they have any sort Of exposure to this mess in Europe, the market will shoot first and ask questions later.
    Personally, I think the market has about another 1000 points of downside at least. We could go lower but I will be buying long term positions on big pull backs. I just think Europe is a bigger problem than anyone admits. Add that to the fed running out of bullets and we have a recipe for much more downside.
    The economy is weak and although the media claims the s&p is the cheapest in decades, they can actually prove to be expensive if their earnings are cut.
    On big pull backs, buy stocks that will outperform for the next 5 years. Stocks like apple and not stocks like Microsoft,cisco,or research in motion. They will be sold like last years out of style sneakers.
  2. 1000 DOW points or -10%?

    not SPX points, or -90%, correct?
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    S&P FUT
    1118.20 -5.80 -0.52%
    10761.00 -59.00 -0.55%
    2030.50 -10.50 -0.51%

    Lets see if they can prop the markets higher tomorrow!!!

    Remember BUBBLE ben bernake is speaking, maybe he has a new method of propping up equities and the rest of the financial markets, oh wait that means more QE3, haha. BUBBLE ben bernanke cant do anything to fix this economy..........
  4. What time is big Ben speaking?
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    I never understand these threads. Why don't you just trade? Long, short, spread, commodities, etc. Does anyone just purely trade on this site anymore or is it all 401k holders now days?
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    Fed's annual meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo., at the end of the week is likely to prove bigger than the event itself.

    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's speech there this coming Friday has been a major focus for markets and comes as investors fret that perhaps the economy is too weak to jump start itself.

    It was at the Fed's Jackson Hole meeting last year where Bernanke first suggested the idea of a new quantitative easing program, later known as "QE2," so there are some expectations he could speak in favor of a "QE3."
  7. Just another buy op.

    Market needed a post 2009 aftershock/headfake flush of financials before it rockets higher for multi year bull market.

    inflation, sky high bond prices, weak dollar, rock bottom interest rates. What's not to be bullish about?

  8. Jesus Christ, aren't you the guy that has been calling for 3% up days every other day for the past two weeks???? And now your giving it another go lol. It's taken the market 3 years to realise what every smart investor has known since 2008, everything they do is DOOMED TO FAIL. QE3 just sets the egg timer going again, only these days the sand don't run too long before it runs out.
  9. I gave you the heads up 1000 down points ago. Where ya been?