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  2. Hmnnn, conspicously absent is the freeway. Do you suppose planners are leaving out the auto? My guess, yes.

    In the US, we'd slice and dice that with roads. energy consumption won't be wasted driving to the mall in China.

    We probably won't be able to dismantle our factories fast enough to supply steel that China needs.
  3. I wish I could find it now, but somewhere in the archives of Big Lychee, only the most enjoyable blog on the whole Internet, he puts the "Pearl River Delta" nonsense China is promoting in its place: Hong Kong is the only real city there. The rest of them are dependent on its enterprise.
    Promoting the "Pearl River Delta" is China's way of trying to bury Hong Kong. Only people who swallow the mainland government's silly propaganda believe it.
  4. This isn't the entry I'm talking about, but it gives you the reason why on that map you can barely see Hong Kong:

    Blather with meaning?
  5. somewhere in the archives of Big Lychee,

    I looked around, nice.:cool: I'll add it to my favorites.