This is making me ANGRY, Why bailout homeowners ???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. WHY ??? WHY ???
    Just STOP, STOP everything, let them fucking starve, the banks, the homeowners, the car companies, the poor....Everybody.
    This is insane, I'm regretting a lifetime of responsibility.
    I have no debt, no mortgage, no liabilities because I'm RESPONSIBLE..... Why do we have to pay for these losers....

    Democrats, Republicans, all the same.
    Dems want to bailout Black losers and Jewish bankers
    Republicans want to bail out rednecks & white trash.

    Just STOP IT for God's sake
  2. couldnt agree more

    the government does what it always does

    puts its hands on its hips, and lectures us all about what we should have done

    and then proceeds to kick the crap out of anyone who actually did

    yet, it wonders why it has so much contempt from the citizens

    those who live below their means, subsidize those who live above it, even if that actual standard of living is higher than the responsible person who is doing the bailing out

    no sustainable society would EVER do that!