this is lowest trading vol in years on spy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by piggie2000, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. i looked back 4 years on spy for full trading days and this looks like the lowest trading vol at 57 mil or so. this exact same day last dec traded 3 times the vol
  2. hope liquidity comes back next year if not many traders will start competing with mexicans for odd jobs, i already wrapped up for this year 2 weeks ago
  3. BSAM


    Not good lately.
  4. the government has ruined this system
  5. Just wait until BOs Trading Tax hits.
  6. Just look at the past trading volume in the SPY. It used to trade much less than it is now. Its a horrible trading environment, but thats what happens in a bull market. Volatility dies out.
  7. Gotta say I have never actively traded in a market this boring. Hasn't been too bad for swing trading but like watching paint drying on a daily basis.