This is just wrong! They've gone too far!

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    Move over fruit, meat-flavored vokdas moving in

    WASILLA, Alaska – Prepare your palate for carnivorous cocktails.

    The Alaska Distillery in Wasilla just recently launched its Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka, about a year after the Seattle-based Black Rock Spirits introduced a bacon-flavored vodka.

    Both savory spirits were intended to complement Bloody Marys, but are finding wider uses among mixologists.

    "I think there was some madness and some drunkenness involved, honestly," said Toby Foster, an Alaska Distillery partner and the one charged with coming up with new flavors with Alaska themes.

    Foster's intent was to market a local vodka which would stand out among the numerous other bottles on the liquor store shelves.

    "I was trying to think of something Alaskan. What's more Alaskan than smoked salmon? It was one of those epiphanies, I suppose," he said.
  2. As a big fan of vodka, I am disgusted at the idea of smoked salmon vodka.
  3. Vodka with omega 3's? Hmmmm

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    A bit of iodine flavour like Lafroaig Isley scotch isn't bad , but smoked salmon flavour...
  5. There are also bacon flavored vodkas.
  6. Smoked salmon is the best food in the world.
  7. Some products would seem strange and odd initially. That's because they are new to the market and new to our taste buds.

    Let's just take for example processed food. A 100 years ago it was totally unheard of. And carrots, a hundred years ago it was only food for horses and not for human.

    Bottom line is... innovation is our key to progress.

    Just my 2 cents :D
  8. On food network last night, there was a 15 min segment on bacon ice anything is possible.

  9. 1) We will take "healthy" food, and make it unhealthy! :(
    2) Are you supposed to drink it with a pinot noir "chaser"? :D
  10. this is wrong just plain wrong crime against nature :D
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