this is just illegal...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dgmodel, May 7, 2003.

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  2. WTF?
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    exactly how do you gap a stock down almost 50 cents on 7k shares on a new high... especially when theres been a buyer in it all day...
  4. someone got price improvement.
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    look now a minute later...

    66.24 +1.76 2.73% 1.72M 12:38 Bid/Ask(66.18-66.20) Day Lo-Hi(63.76-66.44)

  6. apparently there was no buyer at the open, so he took his opportunity to bring it way down...
  7. Dustin


    The strange thing was that even after he printed .85 there were still sellers. I thought there must be news and bailed for .11c loss which turned out to be the low :-/
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    its just wrong... thats all...
  9. MM's having a hard time making ends meet. Anything goes. And does.
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    yeah anything goes... but most of the time its just my profits... fuckin thieves...
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