This is just beautiful to see... Nice conversation.

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    We have the same shitty problem here with the same idiotic government problem... This is just beautiful to watch... Polite people with different views talking and not only that, it turning out to be productive.

  2. I think the issue is how we use the word racist and how Race is used in admissions.

    First the definition:

    adjective: racist
    1. showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.
    First, admissions to universities are not objective. It is not, get this SAT and GPA and you are automatically admitted. So no one can ever make a claim that they had an SAT "x" and GPA "x" and therefore should have automatically been admitted to a given university. A university can admit anyone and reject anyone to be honest and someone cannot say they "deserved" to get in simply because someone else with same numbers got in. The process is not like that.

    Second, schools have relied on subjectively picking students rather than blindly admitting numbers for numerous decades. For example, schools do not admit 100% of students from one state. They do not admit 100% of students from one region. They do not admit 100% of students from one sex. Almost all universities look to create a balanced student body for various reasons. and the earliest factors were geographic and gender diversity. Then there was even domestic v. international factors. There is no doubt that universities have the right to select factors to determine the kind of student bod they want.

    Third, the lawsuits and discussion is only with PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES. Even though it is a long established notion that schools can pick their student bodies any way they see fit, disgruntled students could only make an issue with PUBLIC universities for a lawsuit (i.e. the famous cases in the California and Michigan schools).

    Fourth, the Supreme Court said schools are allowed to use Race as a factor just like they use gender, geography, and other things to achieve a varied and diverse student boy. Michigan does not want to admit 100% white males from the State of Michigan or 100% females. The issue was set asides or specific number quotas which would be applied unfairly.

    Fifth, many universities specifically excluded women in their history. Many also specifically excluded Blacks in their history, as well as Jews and foreigners and any other group they deemed unworthy or entrance. Taking Race in as a factor is simply to ensure that structural segregation and historical racism is not repeated. It also helps to address some inequalities in education that Separate But Equal created and took many years to undo (not wiped out simply by one SC decision).

    Sixth, so to say the program is racist is to say it discriminates or is prejudiced against people of other races or believes that one race is superior to another. First, a school is not a single race so it is not prejudiced against other races. Second, it is not attempting to discriminate against a race (white people claim), it is simply looking to take race into account in the applications to achieve a balanced/diverse class. White people can still get into the school, they are not being excluded. For someone to say they were not accepted into U of Michigan because they were white and had great test scores and Blacks were let in with lower test scores is easily defeated by showing whites with lower test scores were also let in. Schools let in people with above and below averages on SAT and GPAs..that is why it is an average.

    Anyway this is getting long winded. It is incorrect to say the AA programs they way the SC intended them to be applied is racist. People can claim it is unfair but unfair claims usually come from whiny entitled bitches. When schools were openly excluded Blacks from admissions into schools when they had the grades you never heard too much uproar, in fact HBCU had to be created in some states simply because they were not allowed in the white state school (Ole' Miss v. Miss. State).

    There are a lot of intelligent points that can be discussed but emotions and bullshit get in the way. I think the person's questions in the video missed the point in many cases.