This is just another CONSPIRACY - Wake UP Sheeple!!!

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  1. Look the problem is *bad loans* in which:

    1 There is no liquid market to dump this loans.

    2 The banks are forced to mark to market even though no market exists.

    So all we need is a simple accounting change - so that the companies can hold these loans to maturity - which is what the Paulson/Fed plan is all about! Why must the gov. hold to maturity if the banks can do the same thing with a simple accounting change.

    This is just another false flag operations similar to the Great Depression, 911, Gulf of Tonkin, etc. Some pigs are getting filthy rich off of this "crisis" - I don't know who right now but we will know soon.
  2. As far as the CDS market - tell everyone to cover their positions then shut down that market. Make the contracts unenforceable by making them illegal in a few months. There are many other ways to hedge credit default risk.
  3. So what do you sheeple think about this idea?

  4. Hehe - ROFL picture...

    Of course it is about preserving the wealth in the existing system - i.e de facto the "people on top".

    Look, it is sooooo simple:
    You guys have some incredibly rich people involved on Wall Street. The rescue package is to preserve this system, and not let the downfall of these riches and enriching-processes - intertwined with the rest of society - crumble to dust, because the fear is that it will gravely effect the rest of the system.

    Well, imagine removing a corrupting cancer that has been sucking you all dry for all you have got...
    It will affect other tissue somewhat for a while - but you eventually get better, and you can trust in that.
    Keeping the cancer is pretty dicey...
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    Sheep are delicious :cool:
  6. You see today's fake panic selloff. That's just another way to scare lawmakers into passing the bailout ASAP with no strings attached.