This is HUGE bull market

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  1. that will continue for the next 5+ years

    Nasdaq : 3000
    Dow: 15000
    S&P: 1800

    Thats how its going to be

    Either go long or short but I would rather be long here

    Investors who lost money in the 2000-2002 bear market will soon be gone and replaced with a new era or investors who are willing to take risks and bid stocks up again. New money=new pumpers and new bubble.

    Companies are generating more cash than ever and the economy is historically strong. Oil & gas prices are cratering. MIddle east is very stable. New president. Middle class in more debt than ever. Rates are stable.Decrease in unemployment. This is all very good for the markets.

    Sicne we are in one the greatest bull markets corrections will only last one day.

    The nasdaq, dow, and S&P may be down on friday but on monday the money guys will BID IT BACK UP



    Thats the cycle. Three steps forward-one step back. New highs ever week/2 weeks.

    3 days of rally. One day for selling.

    S&P 500 will set a new high in 3 month. Easily. No brainer.
  2. Where were you at 10 am when NDX was at 1712??
  3. And where will all this "new" money come from, might I ask?

  4. <i>"Thats how its going to be"</i>

    Good to know. Hope it all works out according to expectations... I'm down with that!

    But... please don't be surprised if the markets decide to play otherwise :>)
  5. LOL, as soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew IMMEDIATELY who started it.
  6. New investment bankers in thier 20-30's.
    New VCs as well.
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    There are many quietly selling this market right now. Should see a selloff sometime in mid November. As for your predictions I think they may be off. Wait till the housing completes its downward cycle before jumping on a prediction so far out. The housing market may take 4-5 years before it comes back.
  8. LOL I like that.

    But really the new investment bankers & VCs do not have enough cash to fuel it. They don't make as much as people think, plus, the turnover in IBs is very high. There are certainly nowhere near enough Associates, VPs and MDs to fuel a bull market, plus most of them have been in it for a while and are not really new money.

    The new money is coming from money supply growth and leverage. Will go through the route of private equity, hedge funds, etc. Some of it can be expected from the new rich kids, like the YouTube founders, but in general, the wealth disparity in US is reaching record levels.

    I doubt it will last even 4 years, this game is near the end.
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    what stocks are you long at the moment?
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    the game is almost over.....
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