This is how you trade.

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    i thought this might be interesting to some of you ... that is why i'm bringing it up again ...
  3. Her cattle trading "profits" were manipulated accounting entries. Profitable trades were allocated to her. Losing trades were allocated to accounts that wanted to "launder" money to her.
  4. She is running for President. Why is it old news?

    It gives a good insight in to her character.
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    I think its only relevant if you dislike the Clintons, but then you wouldn't be voting for them anyway. If you want to see Dems in the White house again character of the Clintons doesn't matter. All this was true the first go round and more crap came out during the Pres., but still they are golden.

    Dems are only idealists in conversation, when it comes to a head and practical considerations get in the way Bring on the EXXON:D. Don't try to figure it out just go with the flow. Politics are a dirty dirty GAME. Nothing real about it or political ideas. It's all just about control and power for both sides.

    Man does that sound jaded or what? Keep all these people in perspective. Generally they don't matter any more than George Clooney or the guy from Law and Order. Is it any wonder why he is able to translate back and forth into politics?

    Have a good day and try not to dwell.