This is how Trump might win

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  1. Trump is a pretty smart guy.

    He recognizes that there are many more subjects than citizens of this republic.

    He realizes that Obama won because he was a novelty.
    He knows the Governator and the Body were novelities too.

    He believes that if he wins the GOP nomination, he wins, because the citizens in the GOP want Obama out by any means necessary, and the subjects(the ones who call intellectual reading, the National Enquirer, the most widely read paper in the South, btw) will vote for Trump as a novelty.

    He believes that if he does not win the GOP nomination, but the GOP puts up a centrist, he has a punchers chance. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  2. He would have to make a financial disclosure, as I understand it. Such a disclosure will likely reveal that his financials are more about smoke and mirrors than they are about bottom line. I'm sure he's rich, but I think full disclosure will reveal he is not a billionaire. And that would hurt his "brand" since he has already sued people for accusing him of not being a billionaire, but withdrew when he had to prove it to make his case as plaintiff.

    It should be interesting.
  3. There is a huge battle for funding for campaigns.

    As much as Trump claims he can finance his own campaign, the reality is that he is not liquid, and now is not the best time to be selling real estate.

    There are multiple lawsuits against Trump for fraud, etc.

    Trump is just another white Don King.

  4. It is unlikely that Trump is a billionaire. Did he make the Forbes list? I don't remember and am too lazy to go look. But what you say actually plays into his strength. Finance and politics are largely smoke and mirrors. He know how to play that game, and he know how to market to the marginally informed, which I would estimate as > 51% of the electorate. People are watching The Apprentice again, because of what Trump might say.

    Are the founders rolling in their graves, indeed they are, but Benjamin Franklin said this when asked a question:

    QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
  5. Yes, but Don King has managed to manage the greatest boxers in the history of the sport, again, thru smoke and mirrors, but it is not found out until waaaaay up the highway. I do not like Don King because he ruined the lives of two champions.

    And yet, he made a lot of money, which is what Trump is out to do. Trump can run what is left of this nation into the ground, but he will have all the bennies of an ex-president. And he can always blame Congress for whatever does not work. Trump really just wants to belong to the special club.
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    To the best of my knowledge he has only sued people for saying he was bankrupt.... not for implying he wasnt a billionaire..... though i agreee with you about him not wanting to show his financials, and i think there is no chance in hell he will run....
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    Similar to Don King all Trump is doing is chucking bombs, strictly for marketing purposes, he has no intention to run.
  8. Don King financially raped the greatest boxers in history.

    Trump is scum, and I am surprised that you admire the guy.

    He is a liar, confidence man, and embodies most of what is wrong with America today.

    He likes to tell everyone how smart he is...and he blames everyone but himself for his bad business deals. He is duplicitous and self serving. He is a classless scoundrel.


  9. All true
  10. Two peas in a pod...and they both have weird hair.

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