This is how to make money trading instead of using TA

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  1. Okay guys, show us how it's done...
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  3. put your hands in your pocket ,and rattle them.

    When you haven't got a set of balls to take risk ,you look for historical data and set ups to bet on.
  4. Daring


    Two things come to mind:

    1) Inside information, illegal but its not TA

    2) Studying fundamentals and going for value
  5. interesting idea for a thread.
    I think as a retail trader, there really isn't really any 'alternative'.

    There's fundamental analysis of course. We all know about that. Just as many have blew their accounts trying to be a 'fundamentals trader' as have blew up from looking at candlestick patterns.

    There's orderbook trading/ learning to read the DOM etc, but in my eyes, that's just a form of TA.

    I am certain that there are far superior methods to any of the above, but they are not available to little guys like us on this forum.

    Having accepted this sad reality a while back now, I revisited TA with a new frame of mind and, touch wood, I've not had a losing month in quite a while now (not so say that i'm doing fantastic or anything)

    Still, i'm all ears. Lets see how this thread develops....
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    Blowed up real good!
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  7. Daring


    how about statistics ?
  8. Considering how the TA threads always, always get invaded by those who not only know TA doesn't work but know better ways to beat the market, I expect this will be one of the best and busiest threads on ET.

    I for one am here to learn.
  9. ronblack


    Buy shares in small high tech private companies and wait if you are lucky you hit the next aapl or goog.
  10. BSAM


    This is how to make money trading instead of using TA

    Price drivers.:D
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