This is how things start and end. Your every action will have government regulation

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  1. mikasa


    Minimum 25 000 needed for day trading stocks, (for your own protection)

    FX Spot Leverage will be capped to 10:1 (for your own protection)

    Trader transaction tax will be enacted. (for your own protection)

    You'll need government license to take a number two in public washroom (for your own protection)

    Most of you will at that point realize that capitalism and democracy is only in history books.

    You will be protected from becoming middle class, (for your own protection) :p

    I'll see you in a burger joint when you come to take my shift :p

    I'll make you a deal. One day you flip burgers, Other day I will flip. We both can have employment that way.
  2. All of this is extremely bullish for physical gold as the ultimate asset to own and hide from greedy governments around the world.

    And should they decide to ban gold (which they will at some point) prices will spike up on the black market.
  3. mikasa


    in my mind there is no doubt gold will reach 2000 within 10 years

    however, you must realize, gold preserves value
    it doesn't really make/create value unless you are digging it
  4. You forget the most important part !

    If you FART in public places, you are a TERRORIST ( Pulic safety first ) !

    Worst you can't Tease or Electrify this dangerous treath to the national security and health, because with the Ultra dangerous gaz around all the world could explode...

    If it was an episode of South Park/ the Simpsons it could have been funny...

    Now you know why you have a middle finger, it's not only to block your ass from sending you to gitmo... :D.