This is how stupid ABC news is...LOL

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  1. Diane sawyer just said in the US white people will become a minority in 2040. I shit you not, she just said that.

    Clearly what she meant to say is if you combine every race other than white in maybe 2040 you might have 49% white and 51% all others. And that is figuring non hispanic whites as a separate group, if you included hispanics that consider themeselves white then its like 80% white.

    Guess what diane, that doesn't make being white a minority you FOOL!!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed for her. :p
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    She was the one that asked Senator Barack, when he was running against Senator Hillary Clinton for pres''Do you think America is more racist or sexist??'' LOL I kid you not:D

    So i guess now Dianne thinks USA is more sexist...LOL:D
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    Max E.

    This would have been more than enough to prove the point, no need to beat a dead horse....:D
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    Who Diane sawyer vaguely resembles...