This is how Saddam tortures people ...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Dec 3, 2002.

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    And we are playing a diplomatic game with this animal?
    Makes me think I live in some sort of alternate universe where the guilty are never punished. Only the innocent.
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    We have been known to play by the same rules.....but instead of bringing them to the USA they just take them to Egypt for the torture treatment..........I have no documents supporting what i just said, I have only heard it on "The No Spin Zone"
  3. Did you hear that from Bob Bevalaqua? That guy is always interesting, but I get the feeling he's a little sensational in his analysis, which I'm sure Faux News loves.

    In the words of John Stewart, "Ya, I watch Fox News, although I don't consider it news."

    I'd have to agree with him. I love the channel for entertainment value, but as far as objective reporting goes, I've never seen more "spin" in my life.
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    I think on TV they mistake entertainment for the news......

    I read papers on the internet to get the real news.
    It gets worse all the time.
    I do not even watch CNBC anymore.
    I know that is heresy for a trader:D
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  6. man, what a dipsh!t...

    i feel even worse for the guy who got to be his body double...i mean, the body double had to undergo surgery to look like saddam's kid...that guy is so ugly he looks like someone sh!t him out of their ass...
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