this is how religion harms america

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  1. when you have so many people who are religious constantly fighting to "put god back in schools" which is code for teaching creationism you foster a mistrust of science and critical thinking. the result:

    "Our nation's outlook has worsened," concludes the report panel headed by former Lockheed Martin chief Norman Augustine. The report "paints a daunting outlook for America if it were to continue on the perilous path it has been following":

    •U.S. K-12 education in mathematics and science ranks 48th worldwide.
  2. How can you correlate your assertion with this data? I could just as easily say too many sugary foods, which affects attention, and too much TV which has been shown to be inversely correlated to educational attainment.
  3. experience. i used to attend churches where they were constantly drumming it into the children that the bible is inerrant right down to the punctuation and scientists who throw doubt on bible stories like creation are actively engaged in a conspiricy to deny god.
    after all that how seriously do you think kids from that religious sect are likely to want a science education?
  4. experience?? So you postulate that the WORLD would be better without religion because of your experience huh?

    That's a bit narcissistic.

    But, for the sake of this argument, are there any societies that have tried to have no religion? Not open religion, NO religion. How did that work out?
  5. Lucrum

    Lucrum got molested?

    Or have I asked that already?
  6. Wait wait wait...religion is NOT in schools and we rank 48th worldwide. Religion was in schools until the early 60s when it was taken out. Before the early 60s we were #1 in science & mathmatics and that was WITH God in the classrooms.

    I can not BELIEVE you actually tried to use that data and then blame it on religion. Did you think nobody would notice?
  7. i hope you realize its people like you who reject science in favoe of superstition that is the problem.
    i have a feeling that your kids have no chance at a science education.
  8. no. i just grew up and started thinking rationally. i was a baptist. they arent into raping little boys like the catholics are.
  9. there happens to be one that is kicking our ass right now.
  10. I was at an atheists funeral the other day. Poor bastard, all dressed up and nowhere to go.
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