This is how hard it is to stay on top...

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  1. Don't count these guys out...but this is how hard it is to stay on top.

    2002 Timer Digest Market Timer of the Year: Michael Gibbons


    Our very own Aaron Schindler after a 96.8% return in 2002

    Jan -5.5%
    Feb -12.6%
    Mar -16.3%
    Apr -11.4%

    Year -38.8%

  2. And?

    It's certainly not the only system that has a difficult start to the year. So just show one is a bit unfair. At least 50% of the trading systems I follow are in the red this year.
  3. solid performance...

    i was wondering what happened to aaron...??
  4. Aaron should have the discipline and close the fund.
  5. Arron should not have trading while our country was at war. The best traders never trade during a war. To many uncertainties.
  6. personally, i'm glad someone else feels that way...:D
  7. The worst part of it is that traders feel that they need to make money so they stay trading and do not realize tht a vacation is most likely cheaper, and maybe very well needed.
  8. I`m curious as to why you would say that? It seem to be a solid track record with one big downdraft (as ANY system faces at one time or another)
  9. Yes and the best time to invest with a money manager is when they are in a draw down. I do it all the time.
  10. YES! Thank you. When I was a young buck selling mutual funds this was one of my key selling points...just like buying a stock in an uptrend you wait for the pullback.
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