This is hard to take...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by retire45, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. TAKE EVERY TRADE, SIT BACK AND MOVE STOPS... It is not my business to predict where a move will end!!... damn it!
  2. You must have been mesmerized by the pretty colors. :cool:
  3. Alvin


    run it up from the open then..

    somebody set us up today.. for this fall :mad:
  4. Perhaps... The reason for the vent here is long-term profitability is impossible without this final skill I MUST crack.
  5. Such is the way of the beast.. You know many here on ET were busy going long on the way down.. Do not try to tame the beast.. humbly and cowardly follow it and your rewards will be so great they will feel undeserved.
  6. FB123


    Standard pump and dump. Run it up prior to the good news releases coming out (don't think GS didn't know) - then make the clueless people think that it's going even higher. As they pile in, unload your shares in their face and watch the decline happen. Classic. I knew it was going down as soon as the good news hit the wire and the market barely moved up. If it doesn't move up on good news right away, guess where it's probably going?
  7. The fact that we have initially run and died on every "good" report last week were the clues.. The one to NQ 1668 was the shot across the bow. Still.. take every trade and the discussions of "they" did this or that would be moot points...
  8. BSAM


    But, it is your business to predict where the next move begins. Hang in there. You sound very determined.
  9. Alvin


    Funny no one is talking about this here, i got a feeling a lot were fooled.

    If they banked you'd be hearing about it!

    Pretty quiet.
  10. gucci


    You are still predicting...
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