This is getting ugly

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  1. wow. i am surprised the sell off is this bad . bernanke could'nt even say anything to help out.
  2. balda


    I am loving it.
  3. The problem is that Bernanke DIDN'T say anything helpful or useful today.

    I just loved how every freaking congressman was congratulating 'Nanke on how great of a job he is doing. :mad:
  4. lindq


    Best trading in years.
  5. I knew I should have had more fixed income in my 401k :p
  6. it's just the start,

    this is gona be one hell of a trading year ....
  7. It is called a bear market. Bear markets grind and grind and grind away till the last bull is dead.

  8. Tums


    surprised = did not anticipate = looking the wrong way = ineffective analysis
  9. the ass clowns in DC and the idiots who believe that the economy is ok..... biggest fools alive.

    The consumer is the thin layer of ice. If that ice breaks , its all over.

    Question is, how thin is the ice?
  10. Tums


    Market goes up

    Market goes down

    if market does not go down,
    how can it go up

    if you are on the right side, the market is beautiful

    if you are on the wrong side, the market is ugly even when it is going up

    everything is relative
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