This is getting scary

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  1. Nothing but green on every single stock I own. I hate to put trailing stops on these suckers but I almost have to do so. Something has got to give, I'm not that good of a stock picker.
  2. been this way for 4 years imo

    I love 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK$$$
  3. No reason to be scared, Just keep a reasonalble stop. You can always get back in.
  4. Normally I have 2 or three out of 15 that are in the red at any one time during a bull market. I can't recall ever being all green even in the 90's.
  5. Eqt is right. Just jump on the asset inflation train.
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    closing at intraday highs. As Eqtrader says 100% room to go up without a problem, nothing can stop this market. Just invest in any ETF or mutual fund walk away and come back in 2008, you will be up at least 18%. There is no risk involved, remember that. Buy any 5-10 point dip in the nasdaq and 15-25 point in the Dow, you will make money no matter what.
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    Equities: Up
    Oil: Up
    Gold: Up
    Rates: Up

    what a cool day top be long.
  8. the amazing part is this is a worldwide phenomenon. across all markets and asset classes...

    we will have to use wheelbarrows soon to carry our money to the store to buy a loaf of bread. the us peso.
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    very true,

    Not many people see this.
  10. Hmmm. Wheelbarrows full of money. Wasn't that image from pre-Nazi Germany in the 20's?
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