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    Check out there per ticket fee schedule. This is a prop firm that I saw on If anybody know's anything about them I want to hear what you have to say.
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    But no license required to get 10:1. Yet they require traders to put in funds. How can they do that?
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    I'd say scary is better description. If they're as clueless as their website makes them appear, I feel bad for anyone that falls into their trap.

    From what I could gather, I think they get traders to put their own money into a retail account, and the broker/dealer cross guarantees that account against one in which they deposit some additional money, in exchange for a piece of the profits.

    Of course, there are so many mistakes, omissions, formatting problems, etc. on their web site, it's anyone's guess.
  4. What is so special about their fee schedule? One interesting point seems to be their definition of a ticket, but they are probably unaware of the great degree of freedom for interpretation it allows.
  5. There fee schedule is sky high. If you are trading 500 share lot's that's about 3 cent's a share you need to make 6 cent's a share to break even. The best prop traders barely average 6 cent's a share. You also need to take all there training before you begin to trade. I figure it's about 2k worth of BS. There is something really wrong about this place. This leverage they give you is intraday so you can't ride a position to make up for the fee's. This is true snake oil at the purest form.
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    this is actually very funny!

    check the title of the page... "New Page 1" Well if they make the webs in FrontPage at least they should change the title!

    And the navigation... very clear.. you find everything right away.

  7. Anyone want to bet on how long it takes the SEC to shut down this place.